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Finding your style

     The first thing you need to find is the style you want to have in your wedding photos. Are you a modern bride? maybe you are industrial? Traditional? Most decision are made based on what style you have decided. Our suggestion is to immerse yourself in wedding photography. Buy a few bridal magazines. Scoop up some Pinterest pins. Ask to peruse your friends wedding album. Ask you explore that many options and styles outer make mental notes of thing you do and do not like. Over time you will slowly be able to develop your unique style that works for you. 

Booking the Photographer/ Planning

    You are ready to book. That's awesome! we usually ask our clients to contact us 6 months prior to their wedding to ensure availability. Is your wedding is less than 6 months away? Don't panic! We will do our best to accommodate you. Often when we book a large event we will meet with you briefly to go over some logistics. This includes signing any paperwork and contracts, paying a deposit and give you a questionnaire  that asks about your wedding. The questionnaire helps our photographers get to know you and your wedding better. We use it to ensure we give you the photo style you like as well as capture the moments you want most. 

Engagements and Bridals

          If your wedding includes an engagement or bridal session then we will most likely try to book a session during our initial meeting together. We will also discuss with you what locations you would like to visit. The location often has a lot to do with the style you want in your photography. Keep in mind some location require an admittance fee which will not be covered by your session fee. When picking the location you will also have to keep in mind your availability and how popular the location is. If the location you want is a popular one we will try to schedule your session during off peak hours.

     One week before your session out photographers will contact to discuss any last minute details to ensure that everything is ready for your day. If your session is at a location we are unfamiliar with our photographers will visit the location ahead of time to familiarize themselves.

    On your session day you will just need to bring a smile. Our engagements usually only take and hour or two. During that time expect to laugh a lot and make lots of memories.

     After the session is done our crew gets to work on precessing your photos right away. Usually we will give you an initial finished engagement photo within 48 hrs. The rest of your photos will be completed within 2 weeks. We will contact you when they are ready. Will will also give you your password for your online private gallery to share with friends and family. the photos in the online gallery will contain a watermark but the finished photos we sent to you on your USB will not. You also will be given all the rights to your photos to share and use as you please. 

One month before the wedding

   About one months before you wedding our photographer will want to meet with you for your personal planning session. As this point we will want to get as many nitty gritty details about your wedding party as possible. together we will go over your final wedding questionnaire and make note on want you want on your big day. We will also confirm all wedding locations and any special requests you might have. Will will use the information discussed to create a rough plan/schedule of how we are going to photograph for the day. 

    About 1 week before your wedding we will contact you to share with you our rough plan of your wedding and to answer any questions you may have. All of our wedding clients are welcome to contact us any time with any concerns or questions they may have.