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Planning Your Event

     In an ideal world you would show up to your event (looking stunning of course) you would go through the day without a care in the world. Nothing would go wrong and after it is all done, you would walk away with stunning photos that capture the memories of your special day. But we don't live in a perfect world.

     Today pulling off the perfect event takes planning. There is the venue, the invitations, the cake, the decorations, and don't forget the perfect dress. All of these things, decisions that must be made long in advance to the actual date. Photography is no different. While you are taste testing cakes, photographer are scouting out locations and checking lighting so that they can capture that perfect magical moment.

     The pages below designed to help you think ahead and make the decisions needed so that your photographer can capture that perfect moment in your almost perfect day. If you are lucky enough to have a planning session with us, our consultants will ask you questions about some of the things discussed on this page. This is to ensure that we get the photos you are looking for.

Wedding Planning and Timelines

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