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Your Wedding Day

    It's wedding day! We know that there must be a million things going through your head. Don't worry. Thanks to all our planning together your photography is sure to be a smash. During your big day our photographer will capture you moment without standing out in the crowd. After the ceremony we strive to create a relaxed fun environment for you and your guest to enjoy themselves as we document your day. Below is an example timeline of what we might capture on your special day. 

Preparation and Portraits

Details-(30 min)

Preparation-(45 min-1hr)

** Start preparation well in advance of the wedding. This allows plenty of time to document all the special moments ahead of time without the feeling or stress of being rushed.**

    When we first arrive at the house or hotel you are getting ready at our friendly photographer will introduce themselves to the bridal party. Right away they start on capturing the details of the wedding. These detail include getting shots of the bridal bouquet, shoes, rings, the dress off the bride, and any other small details of the day. They seem like simple shots but they can take some time to capture especially if the room is crowded. When this happens sometime we must find another room or move to the lobby to get the best shot. 

    When the details are captured we move on to capturing the wedding party while they are getting ready. This is usually when the wedding part is most relaxed enjoying the morning before the big event. We try to keep the environment a fun place so be prepared to laugh and move. During this moment we capture many candid moments between the bride and her bridesmaids as well as the groom and his groomsmen. 

Portraits and Wedding Party and Immediate Family

-Individual Portraits (1hr)

-Separated Wedding Party Portraits( 1hr)

     After everyone is dressed now is the best time to take individual portraits for both the bride and groom as well as some picture with their respected wedding parties. By doing this now it will save time in between the ceremony and reception.


   All the work and preparation has led up to the ceremony.

Friends and Family

Wedding Party II

Couple's Session